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'Desert Flame'

Desert Flame gives a blaze of bright yellow/orange colour.
All Chrysocephalum are easy care plants and Desert Flame is no different. If you decide to grow your plant in a large garden pot then purchase potting media with good humus content. Slow-release fertiliser periodically keeps the plant growing well. Prune when the plant gets to look a little tired. Severe pruning can be undertaken at any time of the year, Desert Flame will soon shoot away from the central crown.

When grown in your garden mulching at planting is really beneficial to assist the plant to establish and thrive. Roots are kept cool and moisture is better retained by the mulch. If needed, pruning as explained in pot culture earlier can be severe with the plant soon shooting away again. The plant is generally free of pests and diseases.
*(Note:-In Central Australia flowering in Spring and Summer is the norm)