Digiplexis Digitalis 

Tall Garden Landscape

Sun Lover


The English Foxglove is so well known to gardeners everywhere. Now the world of plant breeding has done it again by crossing Digitalis (The English Foxglove) with Isoplexsis which is native to the Canary Islands. The resultant selected plants make up this new combined family, the Digiplexis Illumination series. The first two selections now on the market for gardeners are ‘Illumination Flame’ and ‘Illumination Raspberry’ with others to follow. Flowering from late winter the tall spikes of flower growing up to 1 m high are show stopping. Honey eating birds, bees and insects are attracted to the flower making another real benefit for these plants in your garden. They are just as easy to grow in containers as in garden beds, a real highlight for your garden.