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Canna 'Emerald Sunset'

Large ruffled orange flowers with a foliage of dark emerald green leaves with a red margin.
Show Offs™ need to be lifted or divided every two to three years. Wait till the weather is warm and lift after cutting the foliage back to 15cm from the tuber. Shake the soil loose and cut the tuber into pieces with no more than two eyes to each piece. Plant only healthy undamaged pieces into soil that is well worked and with plenty of good compost and animal manure added if it is available. Once the plant establishes mulch well to keep the moisture levels up to the new planting. Sunny aspects are preferred to achieve good strong growth and continual flowering. Once each stalk has finished flowering cut that stalk right out as this will promote flowering right through the summer and into autumn. Add compost and mulch around the plant when replanting to promote new growth for the season ahead. If rust spots appear on the older leaves remove and dump. Do not try to compost these as the spores will carry through the process and reinfect the plants next season