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'Go Go Purple'

All Salvias are Blooming Machines. They never stop flowering. ‘Go-Go’s’ are bred from Salvia splendens, a native of Brazil which has been grown in our gardens as an annual for many years. It makes a great show of spectacular colour. ‘Go-Go’ Purple and ‘Go-Go’ Scarlet make up the team for this outstanding introduction from Aussie Winners. With ‘Go-Go’, through breeding we have sterile plants which live for two or three years and with attention keep sending up flower spikes all year long.
With a few key needs Salvias are easy to manage. They like a well-draining but fertile soil and need to be kept moist to encourage more flower. A garden or pot in full sun to part shade is best suited to growing ‘Go-Go’ Salvias to their best. You can prune to desired size at any time of the year in warmer areas. Particularly when young, pinching of the plants encourage more bracts and flowers. At regular intervals, say every 4-6 weeks go through the plants and remove the flowers that are spent. This is not absolutely necessary but does promote extra flowering. A little extra balanced fertiliser a couple of times a year is beneficial. Overall as long as these few points are supplied little extra attention is needed.