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'Diamond Dazzler'

Everyone in the garden world knows Euphorbia ‘Diamond Frost’. Now there is another Euphorbia called‘Diamond Dazzler’. It is a beauty. In sheltered positions protected from cool winds it flowers 24/7 every day of the year just like ‘Diamond Frost’. How is it different? The flowers are fully double, it is very compact hugging the rims of any pots it is grown in and it is fully white. Grown as a specimen plant in pots up to 250mm in diameter it does well. As with ‘Diamond Frost’, ‘Diamond Dazzler’ shows up well in the night garden
After care is really minimal. We have not seen any problems with insect pests or other diseases. Fertiliser, as slow release, organic or liquid should be applied three to four times a year. Pruning if needed can be done at any time but is best done in the warmer months. Up to three quarters of the plant’s height and width can be removed, the base will soon regrow and flower immediately on the new growth. In garden beds mulching to conserve water is beneficial. Take care that the mulch is not placed close to the main stem of the plant. Shelter from heavy frosts.