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'Dorothy Gordon'

GrevilleaDorothy Gordon’ is a large compact shrub which bears the usual nectar laden blooms for most of the year. These are a boon to honey eaters, birds and possums and other small animals at night coming in to be satisfied with the honey feast they get from the plants. Flowers are useful for floral arrangements as they last well for several days. The foliage is fern like, showy green coloured with bronze new tips as the plants grow. It makes an outstanding feature plant in gardens around the coastal and inland areas of the country.
Watering is not generally a problem once established. In dry periods give good deep watering occasionally. As mentioned above mulch well to conserve moisture and keep the surrounding soils cool. An addition of native plant fertiliser in late spring and autumn will keep your Dorothy Gordon healthy and happy. Pruning should be done two or three times a year to keep the plant to the size and shape you need for your garden.