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'Erect Early Blue'

Vibrant shimmering blue with lemon centres. Fan shaped blooms in masses right over the plant. Erect and strong upright growth either in gardens or larger pots with flowers held well above the plants. Position Full sun to half sun. Height 30cm x Width 30cm.
Fandango Scaevola, prefers an open draining garden media. In pots buy the best potting mix you can for best results. Compost and sharp sand can be incorporated in potting media if you need to lighten it up. In heavier garden soils build the bed up and dig in the amendments above. When plants need a light trim to keep shape you can prune at any time during the growing season. As Fandango Scaevola flower so much in spring, summer and autumn the best time for a major prune is early spring once the last frosts have gone. At this time add a fertilizer to boost the growth and flowering. One high in potash is ideal. Lots of special easy colour for your garden. Older spent flowers are dropped from the flower spike so they always look clean and fresh.