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'Berry Canary'

A stunning plant that looks like English foxgloves but with more flower heads. Flowers are nonstop from spring through to early winter. Flowers are borne on large spikes growing from the attractive foliage to around one metre high. Stout spikes of frosted-rose flowers all season long.
Digiplexis are essentially carefree with a couple of things to look out for. Spider mites can be mischievous at times after hot dry spells or after stress. An odd attack of mealy bug has also been seen on the few trial pants we have grown during the past year. Care should be taken to ensure that the plants are watered regularly with liquid fertiliser added every three or four weeks. Once buds are visible the plants rush into flower quickly. Keep your eye on the plants during this time to make sure that the plants do not dry out or blow over which can cause a lot of damage.