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Wisteria lane

‘Wisteria Lane’ is a most unusual and delightful butterfly bush. As it grows it fills the back of the sunny garden border with colourful flair. Plants of ‘Wisteria Lane’ grow to 2 metres when trimmed and display an uncommon weeping habit that bears long, majestic rich-pale violet flower spikes throughout the spring, summer and autumn. A glorious addition to your garden, and a beacon to passing butterflies, birds and insects.
‘Wisteria Lane’ is an easy plant to grow attaining up to 3 metres if untrimmed. If planting in a large pot, use a good quality potting mixture. Garden soils should be well prepared with cultivation of the area and adding of garden compost to the mix. Most soil types are suitable; an application of a complete fertiliser to the garden bed in spring after the main pruning promotes vigorous growth. In winter temperatures to 5°C are tolerated but heavy frosts will cut them back. During the year trim back the older growth when flowers are showing signs of slowing and getting smaller. The use of a slow release fertiliser is recommended for pot grown specimens.