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'Platinum Blonde'

Lavandula angustifolia ‘Platinum Blonde’ is bred from one of the many sub-forms of angustifolia. It was selected because of its dominant variegated foliage, the cream margins stand out particularly in cooler climates. Flower spikes are in the typical Lavender style and shape.
After flowering plants should be pruned to remove spent flowers and old stems attached. It is appropriate to take a half to a third of the plant away at this time to rejuvenate the plant. Make sure that you fertilise the plants at this time and water the area to get the fertiliser to the plant roots. It is important that in most cases the plants are not over watered, they prefer to be somewhat dry during the growing cycle. Most do well in soils that are not over fertile. Well drained beds are a must and whilst mulch should be used make sure it is not too close to the plant stems which can cause rotting off. Lavenders are easy care garden plants having very few pests or diseases as long as the basic criteria are right from day one.